QP Top Student Award for Module D (Taxation) – LIN Hei Man Joyce

Congratulations! Joyce Lin, a graduate of BBA in Accounting Concentration awarded the top student on Module D (Hong Kong Taxation) in HKICPA QP examination December 2016.

She has joined a local firm since her graduation in 2016 with accounting concentration and she is currently holding the position of auditor. Her HKICPA QP life started in December 2016, passing her first exam in Modules B and D has encouraged her. And she aims at passing the subsequent modules and final examination in one year in order to become a qualified accountant in the near future. Winning the Top Student Award for Module D (Taxation) has built up her confidence. She would like to thank the teachers in Accountancy for their supporting and caring.  Hope HSMC students can enjoy their university life and get more great achievements.


LIN Hei Man, Joyce, 2016 Graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) – Accounting Concentration

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Top students – QP Module Examination


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