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Student Activities and Achievements

The Department of Marketing provides continuous support and guidance for BBA-MKT students to engage in extra-curricular activities, especially those that expose them to challenging and rewarding experiences. The Department also provides student-specific academic advice on further study options. The following highlight the major engagements and achievements of BBA-MKT students.

Marketing Graduate Awarded “2016/17 President’s Scholarship”

We are proud to announce that David Poon was awarded the 2016/17 President’s Scholarship at the HSMC Founders’ Day Reception (March 16, 2017). Each year, this prestigious scholarship is awarded to one final year HSMC student with outstanding performance in College service, community service, leadership, sports, arts and culture, involvement in regional or international competitions, demonstration of personal development, as well as excellent graduation CGPA.


Business Entrepreneurship

A BBA-MKT student, Elaine Shiu, successfully started her own coral jewelry business with the vision to become Asia’s leading natural coral wholesaler. Her company, Shanhu Ltd., was selected by Mediazone as one of The Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong in 2016 and 2017.

Conference Presentation

With the guidance of their mentor, Dr Felix Tang, three BBA-MKT students, namely, Yandy Chan, Holly Chan and Chantelle O, presented a research paper on business ethics at the 2016 ISBEE World Congress (13-16 July) in Shanghai.


Professional Networking

A BBA-MKT student, Dickson Ng, attended the signature conference organized by Harvard Business School Association of Hong Kong on 30 January, 2016. The student learned about new developments in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and interacted with members of Harvard Business School and local leaders such as Mr John Tsang, Financial Secretary of HKSAR and Dr Allan Zeman, Chairman of the Lan Kai Fong Group.

2016 Sustainability Youth Leadership Camp

A BBA-MKT student, Yao Hiu Ting, has been selected to participate in the 2016 Sustainability Youth Leadership Camp — an international activity enabling local youths to exchange ideas with overseas students on sustainability and entrepreneurship related issues. The Camp is a regional initiative supported by the Center for Corporate Sustainability and Innovation of HSMC and the Youth Square of Hong Kong.


Postgraduate Studies

With guidance and support from their teachers, several BBA-MKT graduates have been admitted into master’s programmes offered by major local and overseas universities. The following table shows the diverse interests and pursuits of the BBA-MKT graduates.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong –Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy
City University of Hong Kong –Master of Science in Marketing
The University of Hong Kong –Master of Social Sciences in Criminology

University of Leeds – Master of Arts in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
University of Leeds –  Master of Science in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy
University of Bath –  Master of Science in Marketing
University of Lancaster – Master of Science in Finance
University of Lancaster – Master of Science in Finance

Reflection from MKT Graduates

Poon Tin Wai, David

BBA-MKT (2016 Graduate)

“Throughout my four years of studies, I was given many opportunities to explore the world and different possibilities.

To kick-start my exposure to the vivid business world, I did my first internship in Year 1.   I worked for NetDragon Websoft Inc. in Fujian, China. I gained insight into the world of business.  In Year 3, I worked as a public relations intern for the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore. I was trained to be detail-minded. I assisted in organizing an international event for over 600 guests. It was an invaluable experience for me.

Apart from internships, I went to Inha University in South Korea for an exchange program. Studying in a foreign country is definitely an unforgettable experience for me. The exchange program in Inha University gave me the chance to communicate and exchange ideas with international students. I have learnt to embrace different cultures.

I would like to express my appreciation to HSMC for providing these great opportunities to me.”

David is currently working in Hopewell Holdings Limited as a Management Trainee.”


Tai Wang Ngai, Gabriel

BBA-MKT (2016 Graduate)

“In Hang Seng Management College, students and professors are like close friends. I was much inspired and enlightened by lecturers’ and professors’ passion and wisdom. They transformed static book knowledge into dynamic and fascinating teaching. They have equipped us with knowledge and courage to compete with the elites around the world.

HSMC had also given me plenty of opportunities to explore myself and the world. My exchange experience to Edinburgh Napier University in Year 2 was a truly extraordinary one. I had the chance to interact with students from around the world. The inspiring journey helped me recognise my interest and determine my career path, which is to be an international relations researcher. In order to achieve this goal, I am going to further my studies by entering the master’s programme of Global Political Economy (MGPE) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In Year 4, I have successfully completed a part-time internship at Cathay Pacific Service Limited, where I had gained first-hand experience in marketing research and handling real-life customer situations. I have also learnt more about the aviation industry and the air freight market.

Kingman Brewster once said, ‘It (education) makes it less likely that you will be bored with life.’ It is my pleasure to study here and it has certainly enriched my life.”


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