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HSMC Entrepreneurship Case Competition 2017



We are pleased to announce that the first HSMC Entrepreneurship Case Competition 2017 is open for registration NOW.

The HSMC Entrepreneurship Case Competition 2017 is a new initiative of the Department of Management and is jointly organized by the well-known social enterprise Ana by Karma (, which was founded in 2014 for supporting the Bhutanese women who serve as artisan weavers for the social enterprise through the scarves they produce.


The main goal of the Competition is to enrich our students’ understanding in entrepreneurship through an in-depth engagement into a designated case about starting, developing and managing a new venture. 



All HSMC students are eligible to participate in the Competition. Students from other tertiary institutions are also welcomed. Participants shall form teams with 3 to 5 members. Each student shall enroll in one team only.


Competition Details:

The Competition will be based on a case focusing on the strategic development of Ana by Karma in two phases:


First Phase: The participating teams will receive the case and they need to analyse it and submit a business plan of no more than 3000 words (excluding references and appendices) about the future development of the social enterprise.


Second Phase: Up to five teams will be selected for the Second Phase, during which they will have an opportunity to have a live interaction with the founder of the social enterprise in a designated session for asking more information about the social enterprise so that they can conduct a more sophisticated analysis. They will then present their business plans to the panel of adjudicators in the Presentation Day. The top three teams will be able to implement their business plans with a start-up capital and will be reimbursed with a portion of a profit earned.  


Selection Criteria:

1) Comprehensiveness of analysis;
2) Feasibility of the recommendations;
3) Significance of the social impacts of the recommendations;
4) Presentation skills.



1. Start-up capital: $1000 will be given to the top 3 teams respectively. 

Submission of proof of expense, i.e. receipts, is required in the end of the project implementation period (see below)
2. The top 3 teams will be further rewarded for $100 (Champion) / $80 (1st runner-up) / $50 (2nd runner-up) per scarf sold based on their proposed business plan. 
All proceeds from the selling of the scarves over the implementation period is to be transferred to Ana by Karma.
3. The maximum project implementation period is 6 months
The order batch will be up to 10 scarves upon the three teams’ request, and the number of re-order is not limited. The following two conditions must be agreed by all team members:
i. price point: price of scarf must not be set below $399, which is the marked price
ii. methods of selling: any action causing negative impact on Ana by Karma and HSMC is prohibited, e.g. selling by the road side





20 April 2017

Deadline for receiving application for enrollment

25 April 2017

Release of the case to the participating teams

26 May 2017

Due date of submitting the case analysis report (first phase)

2 June 2017

Announcement of the shortlisted teams for the Second Phase


Live interaction session with the founder

23 June 2017

Presentation Day


You may find the details of the competition in our website HERE. Interested students please register HERE.


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